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theBootCamp's Changelog

On this page, you can read all changes we made to polish the game, improve performance, fix bugs, implement new features and deliver a better experience to our players in each released version.

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v0.9.9.1400 Beta (Early Access)

- First Beta Release with Major Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

- Speaker Device Added

- Cloth Changing Panel Added

- Added Music Disc Spawnable Object

- Added BTC Gift Card Spawnable Object

- Photo & Gallery Implemented

- Reset Game & Delete Saved Data Option Added to Main Menu

v0.9.2.5701 (Early Access)

- Another Major Bug Fixes! Getting ready for final release!

- 12 Tasks Now Available on Dashboard UI

- Shooter Range level Added

- Huge Performance Improvements 😉

- Maze Level Added

- Light Bee Flash light AI Added

- UI Design is now in Final Stage

v0.9.2.1880 (Early Access)

- Major Bug Fixing

- Major Gameplay Changes

- EP06 Laser Hazard Level Added

- EP04 to EP05 Transition Implemented

- EP03 Cinematic Sounds Added

- Level Transitions Implemented

v0.9.2.0017 (Early Access)

- EP05 "Snowy Dreams" Added

- EP04 Tasks #01 & #02 Added

- Swimming System Implemented

- AI Behaviour Improvements

- Crouching Animations Changed

- Performance Optimizations

- Turn In-Place Gameplay Option Added

- [Main Menu] Game Trailer

- [Weapon] Gameplay Tweaked & HUD Added

- [Fixed] Narrations Audio Config

- [Dashboard] Exchange UI Designed

- [Dashboard] Mouse pointer now can be controlled via Gamepad

- Major Bug Fixes

v0.9.1.1152 (Early Access)

- Minor Textures Optimizations

- Custom Mouse Cursor Added

- [Office Level] Minimap Texture Updated

- [Hero Character] Ragdoll Conditions Fixed

- [Statistics] Game Progress Calculations Added

v0.9.0.0000 (Early Access)

- Initial Release

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