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Established in 2020, LuckyGene Indie Studios is an innovative powerhouse dedicated to delivering excellence across multiple creative realms. With a steadfast commitment to quality and an unwavering passion for pushing artistic boundaries, LuckyGene Indie Studios has established itself as a prominent player in the realms of interactive entertainment like console and PC games development, visual storytelling like Cinematic and Advertisement Movies and Trailers, and digital innovation as we see in Web and Applications Development for various platforms.

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After years of engaging in criminal activities in the field of hacking and illegal intrusion into computer networks, Merc J. Connor was finally caught by the Cyber Security Police and, as a convicted criminal, is now serving her sentence by performing forced labour at “theBootCamp” security organization. She is striving to find a way to escape this nightmare, return to a normal life, and regain her freedom. In this Action-Mystery game, your mission is to free yourself from theBootCamp organization and its complex security systems.

“theBootCamp” is the first indie title of LuckyGene Games and is currently available on Steam for PC Gamers. You can try our game via the “Get from Steam” button down below, and also any feedback from you is very important to us.

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Team Members

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Anahita’s visionary leadership drives the studio towards success. With a keen eye for business and a deep understanding of the gaming landscape, she ensures that LuckyGene Indie Studios remains at the forefront of the industry.
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Mahsa’s artistic flair and attention to detail elevate our games to new heights. As the design supervisor, powering her Interior Design & Architectural skills, she ensures that every visual aspect, from characters to environments, is crafted to perfection, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
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Neama’s boundless creativity and technical expertise are the driving forces behind our exceptional games. As a skilled game developer, using his C++ spells, he brings unique and thrilling gameplay mechanics to life, captivating players with every release.
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